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I am Marc Vila Gómez,
A Software Engineer based in Barcelona. BSc + MSc in Computer Science.

🌱 Industrial Ph.D. Student in Computer Science at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya with Worldsensing. Doing research at the university, and also working at the company. Both environments are focused towards my Research Topic: Monitoring physical infrastructures using Internet of Things devices, Semantics and Microservices Architectures.
🎓 Teaching Android for Industrial Internet of Things environments at MSc in Internet of Things - UPC School.
💻 On my spare time, I am leading TDTChannels. Also co-leading Ruedoeneléctrica and CatalunyaMeteo.

🏃 Running + 🚴 Cycling + ⚽ Futsal + ⛅ Meteo.
🐢 Trachemys scripta elegans + 🐢 Trachemys scripta scripta.
🦜 Nymphicus hollandicus (normal-grey) + 🦜 Nymphicus hollandicus (albino).

📫 If you are interested in working with me or anything similar, feel free to get in touch.

Programming Skills




React JS

Other Skills

Software Development (See below and left)

DevOps / Cloud Dev. (Google Cloud, AWS)

Software Modeling

Agile Methodologies

And other technologies / frameworks / tools, such as: Java, Javascript, Flask, FastAPI, Nginx, InfluxDB, NodeJS, C++, C, Firebase, Grafana, SQL, HTML, XML, CSS, …

Work Experience

June 2018 — Present

Software Engineer

Worldsensing - Barcelona, Spain

Designing and implementing the software side at the Innovation Department. Mostly Microservices Architectures, backend development with Docker, Python, FastAPI, Flask, React, SQL, and Timeseries databases. Frontend with React. Mobile development with Android.

March 2023 — Present

Tech Advisor

QALEA Cybersecurity - Barcelona, Spain

March 2018 — July 2022

Associate Professor

UPC School - Barcelona, Spain

Teaching the Android part of the Master's Degree in Internet of Things (IoT). First steps for non-Android-developers, how Android works, data exploitation through APIs, and data visualization. Combining these elements with an IoT ecosystem.

December 2019 — January 2020

Associate Professor

CIFO Hospitalet - Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain

Teaching the Android part of the 'Pla: Tècnic/a eines i tecnologies de xarxa mòbils en 5G, from the Generalitat de Catalunya'. First steps for non-Android-developers, how Android works, data exploitation through APIs, and data visualization. Combining these elements with an IoT ecosystem.

September 2014 — June 2018

Software Developer

InLab FIB UPC - Barcelona, Spain

Mobile developer, but also in other areas as Backend, Frontend, and DevOps. Main projects:

- 2017 to 2018: Helping a Catalan Startup in the IoT Healthcare domain. Full-stack role.
- 2015 to 2017: SEAT Parkfinder - Developing an Android application for SEAT Connected Car. The app communicates with the Infotainment system of the vehicle, using MirrorLink. It allows to locate parking spots in Barcelona. Consuming data from several APIs. Framed in the Smart-Cities European project, iCity. (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2, Screenshot 3, Screenshot 4, Screenshot 5) (InLab, El Periódico, La Vanguardia, Crónica Global, La Sexta, ABC, OK Diario, Hoy.es, Autopista, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Nacio Digital, Auto10, Finanzas.com, La Repubblica (Italy), ComputerBild (Germany), Motor1 (USA))
- 2015: Designing and developing a website. An approach to improve the energy efficiency of buildings through user-recommendations. (Screenshot 1)
- 2014 to 2015: SEAT HeartRate - Developing a widget for an Android app and a Tizen app for Samsung wearables in the frame of SEAT Connected Car. The goal is to collect and represent the user's biometrical data. (Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2)


2019 — Present

Industrial PhD in Computer Science

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Barcelona, Spain

Computer Science department - Information Modeling & Processing.
Monitoring of IoT Industrial Infrastructures through Semantics, Ontologies and Microservices Architectures.

Visiting Scientist at Technische Universität Wien, Distributed Systems Group, from September to December 2021.

2016 — 2019

MSc in Computer Science

Direction and Management & Information Technologies
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Barcelona, Spain

Master's Curriculum. Top 3 promotion.

2011 — 2016

BSc in Computer Science

Computer Engineering
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - Barcelona, Spain

Base degree curriculum. Computer Engineering specialization curriculum. Top 50 of 235 promotion.