Your online TV and Radio platform to watch online, free-to-air broadcasts, legally and totally free!

The project was born in 2018, when I understood the need to offer the population the possibility of watching television on the Internet, with as many channels as possible, for free, and always legally.
The project has as a source an open source database published in GitHub, where people can contribute new links, and I validate them before publishing.

In mid-2022, it reached the maximum and stable peak of users, at more than 20,000 unique users per day. In its Telegram group, it reached 11,000 users.


In order to be able to reproduce these collected links, I developed a website in React JS, which also includes HTML and CSS concepts. The website is closed source, but as it is client side, you can always check the code in your browser.


Android App

As with the website, I developed an Android application for viewing the channels. This application besides reading the channels linked in the main list, is able to get more channels to play legally, through a search engine made specifically. It is made with native Android. And it is also closed source. Although initially it was open source, you can still see the latest open source code here.

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