Research Topic

In short: Monitoring physical infrastructures using Internet of Things devices, Semantics and Microservices Architectures.

The aim of the research, within the framework of the industrial doctorate I am doing, is to cover from start to finish what can be accomplished based on the reading of an IoT sensor. With these data, be able to obtain the information embedded in it, monitor it, and be able to act if necessary.

Part of the work within this research will be to find a way to generalize or homogenise or the data input format from the sensors to the system, adding semantics and ontologies to it. To provide it with a common data input format for the entire IoT ecosystem, and to propose alternatives for the academic world in general.

In addition, research to deploy the whole environment under microservices architecture. It mainly contributes to having each functionality separated by different modules. In short, it means improved fault isolation, simplicity in understanding the system, technology flexibility, faster technical deployments, and more easily scalable.

Keywords: Internet of Things, Semantics, Cyber-Physical Systems, Microservices

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