Team Thor

The hackathon – Carnet Hackathon 2017

March 2017 - Barcelona (Spain)

… Student teams enjoyed the opportunity to prove themselves and showcase their wide range of abilities. This Hackathon was not only a great learning and networking experience, but also an opportunity to help actively define the future of mobility and create a lasting impact.

Hacking starts at 10:00 AM on Saturday and ends at 14:00 PM on Sunday.

The solution

A user from outside of Barcelona wants to go from A to B. The plan is to calculate where the user will park their car in a micro-city when reaching Barcelona, and then it calculates the public transport that will need to use to reach point B.

An App is used to help the user find those Micro Cities and the services inside them. If the user uses those services, he’s rewarded with discounts.




Hackathon result: 1st position in Smart Mobility Challenge.

Role in the project: Android Dev.

Project code: Private.

Appears in:

Hackathon website: Hackathon Mobility BCN 2017.