The hackathon – Lauzhack 2017

November 2017 - Laussane (Switzerland)

Come and join over 200 like-minded students hacking together during a weekend to make something amazing!

Hacking starts at 12:01 PM on Saturday and ends at 12:01 PM on Sunday.

The solution

Have you ever visited the doctor while feeling sick? It is known that it won’t last the time we would expect, the doctor is going to prescribe some medication that will probably look like a hieroglyph which we won’t be able to understand.

We will be forced to go to the pharmacy to buy a treatment that will probably be sold out or not in stock.

These are some of the reasons from where AssistMed comes from. The idea that patient’s experience should be as easy as talking to a friend is.

AssistMed has two different approaches:

We created a board using Cisco Spark to reproduce a hospital with professionals and patients. In it, we created a bot named HealthAssistBot that will be the link between both types of people.

When the professional needs to create a new event for the patient, he asks the bot to create that event and a reminder for the patient. Then, when the date of the event is close to the present, the bot will send a message with the information about the event.

Also, the videoconferences are built using the Cisco Spark Meetings to connect the patient with a professional.




Hackathon result: -.

Role in the project: Android Developer.

Project code: Not available.

Appears in:

Hackathon website: LauzHack 2017 - Devpost.